Why Skype 4.0 sucks and 3.8 still rocks (at least in comparison)

Most annoying differences with the new Skype 4.0 vs. 3.8

Autostart: Even autostarts, when „Load with windows“ is disabled in the options-tab.
Additionally, it is literally nowhere to be found, how Skype autostarts. Even Sysinternals AUTOSTARTS does not find the call-procedure. That’s not acceptable! I want to start the program when I want, not when it wants!
Size of the window: It has always annoyed me, that the Skype main-window is not to be made as small as one likes on the screen, but has it’s minimum size. With Skype 4, this size has increased again!
New icon for being away. You have no chance anymore to see, if someone is gone for 3 minutes or if he’s away let’s say 30 minutes, since there’s only one icon for being away any more. what the fcuk?

Common problems, mistakes or odds with Skype:

Size of the window: It has it’s minimum size which can’t be made smaller.
– The call-buttons are not removable and take up much space. I personally do maybe 1 call in 3 months…
– Standard-setting is to call someone instead of writing him an email when doubleclicking on a person. I don’t know, but I think most users would like to doubleclick to start a text-conversation before calling them right away. Of course, one can change the setting, but how many novices do know that? How many nearly-called-this-person-accidentally cases do you know? I do a lot, not only from me but from colleagues as well.
– When using Skype on more than one device (say laptop and smartphone), you would like to set your status to maybe AT HOME (PC) or ON THE WAY (phone), so people know when you not react, why this could be. But sadly, you have to set this status again and again since Skype remembers this status even when not on the device anymore and switching on the home-version.
– When I click on the Close-button of a program, I want it to CLOSE and not laboriously put up my taskbar find the Skype-icon, rightclick on it and say CLOSE, DAMN IT!
– When clicking on the history-tab and select all conversations with CTRL+A and delete them with DEL, the history is not really deleted. One has to go into preferences and privacy and delete it here again with the proper button. Why?

Additional odds, applicable for Skype Mobile (Windows Mobile):

– Doesn’t save the state of the contact list („show only people who are online„).
Slows down the smartphone significantly (about 6MB RAM used).
– The CALL button in the below left corner is way misplaced. I cannot say how often I accidentally clicked on that button instead of the tab I wanted to click on.
skype windows mobile Capture001a

What do YOU think?

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