Why Cyberlink PowerDVD is annoying

Please don’t… That’s what I say so often over software throughout my day. And not only in business, even in private this continues.

In this case, it’s another case of „Please don’t impose your will onto the user!“.

What the problem is? I have a SORTED startmenu on Windows. Yes, that’s true. It’s rare, I know. But I like to FIND my stuff on the first 2 clicks and not scan horrendous lists of apps that I rarely use to find the desired application.
So there comes PowerDVD (9, Trial) and creates a new folder in the startmenu, called „Cyberlink PowerDVD“. That’s fine, I take the one really needed icon, the app itsself, and take it to my DVD+Video folder, then I delete the Cyberlink folder.

But after restarting some time later – what is this? The whole folder is there, again!

I fu**in‘ HATE such behaviour!

No further comment.

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