Plasma Sky – Übersicht der Gegner (Boss Overview)

Übersicht der Plasma Sky Endgegner /
Overview of Plasma Sky Bosses

Since there was none in existence I thought I make one :)

Was ist Plasma Sky überhaupt? / What is Plasma Sky?

A very cool space shooter for Android. It has retro optics and comes along with an ingenius retro soundtrack*.
The game is to be found here:

And: You can buy the soundtrack!
Imphenzia is the author of the iconic title theme and the other songs from the game:
The title theme is called Low Poly Universe and can be listened to here:
The second song can be found here:


The Boss-Levels

Level 10 – Computron

Plasma Sky Level 10 - Computron

Level 20 – Cerberus

Plasma Sky Level 20 - Cerberus

Level 30 – Plasma Interlock

Plasma Sky: Level 30 - Plasma Interlock

Level 40 – Hydra

Plasma Sky Level 40 - Hydra

Level 50 – Scatterlight

Plasma Sky Level 50 - Scatterlight

Level 60 – Talos

Plasma Sky Level 60 - Talos

Level 70 – Skybreaker

Plasma Sky - Level 70 Screenshot, Boss name: Skybreaker


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