SEO-Book’s Keyword-Tool revised thoroughly

(Deutsche Version dieses Artikels)

There is something going on at SEO-Book: There was a revision and improvement of a nice tool:
The SEO-Book Keyword-Tool.


Who does like keyword-research? I can’t think of many people… So there’s really some need for good tools. One of them is now more powerful than ever – thanks to the cooperation with WordTracker. The tool uses their engine and additionally there are now 3 search engines being queried.

The really good thing is, that the engine doesn’t bother if plural or singular word-phrases are being used. In comparison to Overture’s engine, there should be possible much better queries.

Therefore I think, that this tool is a good alternative – Overture (meanwhile was being called or even was dead) – is, like we all know, not the fastest one around to spit out some data.

By the way: Some simple way to get specific UK-results from Overture and Google are these (working) URLs:〈=en_GB&term=


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