😱 SEO-News und -Links der letzten Tage (KW32-2021) – Friday the 13th Edition ✂

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Hallo zusammen.

Hier wieder die interessantesten News der letzten Zeit :)

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Google Discover: 10 Characteristics of Top-Performing Content [Study]

See what tends to do best on Google Discover, based on an analysis of over 7,200 URLs.





Google Developer Artikel IMMER auf Englisch lesen

Als kleiner Tipp.


Das ist ja eine dermaßene Frechheit… Es fängt schon bei der (nicht kompletten) Headline an.




Site Migration & SEO: Common Mistakes That Hurt Rankings [Webinar]

Can’t make the webinar live? Register now and we’ll send you the on-demand version after the event.





Google Says Alt Text Is Important For SEO

You don’t say…





Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor is More than a Tie Breaker





Down for Everyone or Just Me?

Is it down?

Check if a website or service is down or having problems.





Some SEOs Claim Google Is Pulling All The SEO Related Traffic To Their Own Domain

We get some of our traffic from people doing SEO/SEM related queries in Google Search. But some SEOs are claiming that Google is sending more of those searchers to google.com sites, like the Google blogs, than SEO or SEM blogs.





These 4 local SEO tips will help you improve your Google ranking

More people are searching for local businesses than

ever before. This also means local search has never

been as competitive as it is today. So how can local

businesses stand out and rise in the rankings? How

can you make it easy for customers to find your

business and connect with you easily?

Improve Your Google Ranking With These 4 Local SEO Tips Even Experts Miss:


(Webinar ist schon als Video auf der Seite vorhanden)







Stay at and wear a
Nerdhumor aus Lockdown-Zeiten.
(Von der c’t)



A bit of SEO humor

An easy-to-follow SEO guide from @seanmarkey:


Viele Grüße


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