Die interessantesten SEO-News und -Links der letzten Tage (KW38-2021)

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Hallo zusammen.

Hier wieder die interessantesten News der letzten Zeit :)

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Sistrix Bookmarklet zum Vorher-/nachher-Vergleich der Page Titles (SERP Snippets)

javascript:void(location.href=’https://de.sistrix.com/‘ + location.host.replace(/^www\./,“) + ‚/seo/title-changes/date1/16.08.2021/date2/25.08.2021/desktop/1?filters=%5B%5B%22p_1%22%2C%22between%22%2C%5B1%2C10%5D%5D%2C%5B%22p_2%22%2C%22between%22%2C%5B1%2C10%5D%5D%5D&order=-t3‘)

Die Original-URL ist hackable, d.h. Filter sind anpassbar:


(Vorher einloggen)




5 Skills und Maßnahmen die jeder Inhouse und SEO Consultant kennen sollte  – Stephan Walcher (diva-e)
Der Beruf des SEOs ist vielseitig – unabhängig ob Inhouse SEO oder Agentur – und benötigt viele Skills und Maßnahmen die man heute beherrschen muss. Welche diese sind, und was ihr braucht, um diese erfolgreich einzusetzen, zeigt euch Stephan in dieser Session. Von der Analyse, zur Priorisierung, hin zur Visualisierung von Daten und zur richtigen Kommunikation wird es Einblicke in das Skillset eines erfolgreichen SEOs geben.

Complex SEO Migrations  – Kate Sikora (Noble Digital Performance)
Dieser Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten 

In this session Kate will take you on a deep dive into complex SEO migrations. How do you protect your branded traffic in a name change? How do you protect your authority when your products or solutions are separated out due to a merger or acquisition? How do you balance what is best for SEO with human experience? You will learn how leading with content can boost quality/quantity of launch traffic and the top activities/actions that ensure success.

Jetzt kostenfrei anmelden:





What Is Clickstream Data?





4 Reasons International SEO Fails (And How to Fix It)





Google’s Title Rewrite Dropped Our CTR by Up to 37%! (Here’s How We Fixed It)





Google Lighthouse 8.3.0 Update

Update affects PageSpeed Insights, emphasizes CWV over SEO and introduces Project Fraggle Rock.

“Fraggle Rock (Lighthouse scripted scenarios) allows a developer to get a Lighthouse report beyond an initial page load. This is valuable as it provides developers with insight into performance & best practices for complex user flows like sign-up, add-to-cart, time-to-tweet, etc.”


Auch mal ganz gut brauchbar, diese Unterscheidung:

“The difference between PageSpeed Insights and the Lighthouse tool is that PageSpeed insights only shows the web page performance metrics and is strictly focused on that metric.

PageSpeed Insights does not show the rest of the data that Lighthouse presents which includes accessibility and SEO.”




Google: Don’t Put Too Much Content On Category Pages

Google’s John Mueller: „A little bit of content I think is always useful but it’s not the case that you need to turn it into […] an article.“

Case Study: How Removing Long and Fluffy Ecommerce Category Descriptions Impacted Rankings

Glenn Gabe explains how reducing content on category pages led to SEO success.



Neue Suchmaschine am Horizont: Xayn


Offene Beta. Eine selbstlernende Suchmaschine, gleichzeitig soll die Privatsphäre gewahrt bleiben.




Multilingual and International SEO: Guidelines and Case Study

When it comes to multilingual SEO, most SEOs only focus on hreflangs, or, if they are a little bit more careful, they also focus on URL patterns. But, actually, for international and multilingual SEO, there are very many more things a search engine can focus on.





W3 Total Cache causing Mobile Friendly Test fails, blocks Google from CSS/JS

Popular caching plugin for WordPress has started blocking Google from key resources when minification is turned on.





Google: Don’t Put Too Much Content On Category Pages

Google’s John Mueller was once again asked about how much content should you put on your category pages.

“Overdoing it doesn’t really make sense.”

Then he was asked about putting this content on the top or the bottom of the category page:

“I don’t think there would be a big difference, but my hunch would be that probably having the context at the top makes it a little bit easier for us to pick up and also things like understanding the headings and things like that with regards to a page probably makes it a little bit easier but I don’t know if there would be a measurable difference.”



Also, Glenn Gabe did an excellent case study on this topic, read about it over here:

The short and long-term ranking impact of removing long and fluff e-commerce category descriptions [Case Study]





Unterschied Async und Defer beim Laden von Skripten

Weil wir es mal wieder bei einem Kunden als Thema hatten – ist sicherlich gut, sich das nochmal kurz durchzulesen und in Erinnerung zu rufen:





Guide to 301 Redirects with an .htaccess File

Verschiedene Methoden beleuchtet.





HTTP/3: Practical Deployment Options (Part 3)





Screaming Frog SEO Spider Update – Version 16.0

We’re excited to announce Screaming Frog SEO Spider version 16.0, codenamed internally as ‘marshmallow’.

Since the launch of crawl comparison in version 15, we’ve been busy working on the next round of prioritised features and enhancements:

h2 1) Improved JavaScript Crawling (31 characters)

  • h3 JavaScript Tab & Filters (24 characters)
  • h3 Crawl Original & Rendered HTML (30 characters)
  • h3 Identify JavaScript Content & Links (35 characters)
  • h3 Compare HTML Vs Rendered HTML (29 characters)
  • h3 Shadow DOM & iFrames (20 characters)

h2 2) Automated Crawl Reports For Data Studio (42 characters)

h2 3) Advanced Search & Filtering (30 characters)

h2 4) Translated UI (16 characters)

h2 Other Updates (13 characters)





Learn From the Best Episode II: How to Grow Organic Visibility By Tweaking Your Content





Browser settings to change ASAP if you care about privacy: Chrome, Firefox and more





Business Apps erstellen in 30 Minuten

Mit smapOne digitalisieren Unternehmen spielerisch ihre Prozesse. Umtriebige Mitarbeiter bauen, lernen, probieren aus – und am Ende des Tages sind es echte Experten, die Ideen in eigene Apps umsetzen.

Ohne Programmierkenntnisse!





Excel-Tipp: 15 Minuten Dashboards

Dashboards: Mynda Treacy shows how to build an Excel dashboard in under 15 minutes. There’s a step-by-step video, filled with great tips and shortcuts – I love the single legend for 4 charts! After you watch the video, download the sample workbook, to try it yourself. Mynda offers full courses too, and they’re 20% off, until Thursday, Aug. 19th. Check out Mynda’s Excel dashboard courses, and her Power BI courses. (Level – Int/Adv)





5 EXCITING New Excel Features:

0:29 Unhide Multiple Worksheets
1:00 Smooth Scrolling
1:35 Workbook Statistics
2:07 Navigation Pane

3:12 Resize Conditional Formatting Dialog




Tally forms (Doodle-Ersatz, Umfrage Tool)






JazzKeys, by Plan 8

Nicht zum Lesen, sondern zum Entspannen, ist diese Seite da. Tippen Sie einfach ins Textfeld und die Software macht aus jedem Buchstaben einen Klavierton. Das Ergebnis kann man nicht nur anhören, sondern auch teilen. Vorsicht, könnte Arbeitszeit vernichten!







Immerhin oftmals unglaublicher Pagespeed…

( Comes with the territory  )

Aber: Nothing will ever beat https://www.lingscars.com/



„99.5% of programming consists of gluing together calls to library functions.“

Das ist ein Zitat aus einem aktuellen Posting des Blogs von Paul Graham: ein Aufruf, mal „schräge Programmiersprachen“ auszuprobieren, weil man dort besonders viel über das Programmieren lerne.


Viele Grüße


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