Die interessantesten SEO-News und -Links der letzten Tage (KW28-2022)

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Hallo zusammen.

Hier wieder die interessantesten News der letzten Zeit :)

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The State of Link Building Report 2022

The annual State of Link Building report is out! In all, 270 SEOs in agencies, in-house roles, and freelancing shared their thoughts on link building. Read the report and see if there’s anything new that catches your eye.





Googlebot will crawl and index the first 15MB of content per page

Make sure the content you want Googlebot to crawl, index and ultimately rank is within the first 15MB of that page.





11 Google Sheets formulas SEOs should know

Sometimes the best SEO tools are free. Learn how to use these formulas to save time and reduce manual errors.





Almost Half of GSC Clicks Go to Hidden Terms – A Study by Ahrefs

Most SEOs consider Google Search Console (GSC) their source of truth and trust the data to be accurate. But what if you learned that GSC doesn’t tell you all of the keywords you’re getting traffic from?

We ran a study across 146,741 websites and nearly 9 billion total clicks. Almost half of the clicks go to terms GSC doesn’t show you.





Health Site SEO Case Study: 2 Million Clicks in 12 Months

Health is one of the most competitive niches, which explains why there are so few SEO case studies for health sites.

So, in this rare SEO case study, Ryan shares the details and inner workings of the SEO strategy that took a health site to two million clicks in just 12 months. Read to learn how he did it





Chrome Passwort Verschlüsselung auf dem Gerät

Wer die Chrome Passwort Verschlüsselung auf dem Gerät aktivieren möchte, dies aber so nicht kann, kann es jetzt forcieren:


Quelle: https://www.heise.de/forum/heise-online/Kommentare/Googles-Passwortmanager-kann-nun-auf-Geraeten-verschluesseln/HowTo-Aktivierung-des-Features-forcieren/posting-41196483/show/





Why Microsoft Word is the best IDE for programming



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