Die interessantesten SEO-News und -Links der letzten Tage (KW32-2022)

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Hier wieder die interessantesten News der letzten Zeit :)

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SEO and accessibility: 30+ tips from Deaf and Disabled people

SEOs can influence important website elements that directly impact accessibility. Here are a few tips to help you get started.




Google My Business / Local News

Google adds automated messaging through Business Profiles frequently asked questions

For small businesses, this can help reduce necessary resources to respond to customer questions in Google Search and Google Maps.

Where to find it. You can find this in Google Search by searching for “my business” or your business name. Then click on the “Customers” button and click on “Messages.” In that section then click on the three vertical dots and then click on “Message settings” and then “Manage frequently asked questions.”
What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of the FAQs section:

More details. Stefan Somborac, who first spotted this and posted about it on Twitter, explained you can create up to ten FAQs, each question has a 40-character limit and each answer has a 500-character limit. Plus, you can include links in your answers.



New searchable Instagram map gives visibility to local businesses
Instagram making it easier for users to discover restaurants, cafes, hotels and other local businesses.

How businesses can get discovered. Instagram users can find local businesses by:

  • Tapping location tags in Feed posts, Stories or Guides.
  • Searching for a city name, neighborhood or place on the Explore page.
  • Doing a hashtag search, (e.g., #boston).





Advanced Keyword Research: 5 Tips for Finding Untapped Keywords

Use these advanced keyword research tips for finding untapped keywords:

  1. Find newly published pages with traffic using Ahrefs’ Content Explorer
  2. Find competitors’ low-competition topics in the Top pages report (via Ahrefs’ Site Explorer)
  3. Find and expand on unique keyword ideas by looking out for keyword modifiers
  4. Identify uncommon seeds (by excluding common seeds in your keyword research)
  5. Find affiliate keywords at scale (by looking for “review” and “vs” keywords)


SEO Copywriting: 13 Tips to Create Great Content That Ranks

Implement these SEO copywriting tips to your content:

  1. Match search intent
  2. Cover the topic in full
  3. Add “link triggers”
  4. Make reading easy with the ASMR formula
  5. Speak your audience’s language
  6. Write like how you talk
  7. Give your content a unique spin
  8. Use the “inverted pyramid” method
  9. Use a table of contents
  10. Use the PAS formula
  11. Don’t sleep on title tags
  12. Add “open loops”
  13. Establish proof and credibility





How Google Selects the Most Representative Image of a Set

JC Chouinard read the Google patent titled “Selection of an Image or Images Most Representative of a Set of Images” by Shumeet Baluja and Yushi Jing. This is what he learned.





Ultimate End-to-End Guide to Fuzzy Matching For SEOs (with Google Sheets Template)

Here are the resources you need to get started with machine learning for SEOs.





July 2022 SEO Office Hours: Round-up of the Latest Advice from Google Search Central:

PageSpeed Insights and Google Search Console data have different use cases

John recommends using the field data in GSC to understand the current situation on your website and the lab data (namely individual tests you can run yourself) to optimize your site and try to improve things for the future. When you’re happy with the lab data you’re getting after making updates to your site, over time you will also automatically be collecting the field data in GSC, and can double-check the field data against the lab data to ensure that actual users are experiencing the improvements.

Disavow files for poor-quality backlinks aren’t always necessary

Unless there’s a clear reason to use a disavow file (e.g. a manual action you’d otherwise take that can be resolved by disavowing specific domains), these days, it’s generally acceptable to remove your disavow file altogether.

Implementing structured data via Google Tag Manager is not ideal

Implementing structured data via Google Tag Manager (GTM) is usually fine, but in the long run, it’s still recommended to add the structured data to the page directly.

It’s okay if the same URL appears on multiple sitemap files

It’s fine to have the same URL included in multiple sitemap files. The only caveat is ensuring that there is no conflicting information being provided across the different sitemaps. For example, having a URL in a ‘regular’ sitemap and an hreflang-specific sitemap (for different language versions of your site) is perfectly acceptable, as long as any hreflang annotations given to that page are consistent across both sitemaps.

Use the new “indexifembedded” robots meta tag to control the indexing of embedded content

A user asked how to block embedded videos from being indexed separately. John recommends using the new “indexifembedded” robots tag (in conjunction with standard noindex robots tags) to control which versions of the embedded videos are being indexed.





Google adds Asian-owned attribute to business profiles

These labels can help some businesses with visibility and potentially increase conversions.


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