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Btw: Heute ist International Talk Like a Pirate Day

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11 Ways to Improve E-commerce Category Pages for SEO

Wow, echt gute Gedanken dabei, z. B.:

Add helpful content

In this scenario, helpful content will help the user make a purchasing decision.

If you have an “engagement ring” category, writing about the history of engagement rings isn’t helpful.

Valuable supplementary content in this scenario will be answering questions like:

    How have you sourced your diamonds/metals?

    Are your diamonds lab-grown or natural?

    Why did you select these? Metals available? What makes yours better?

    What’s the most popular style?

You can briefly answer key pain points below the H1, usually in around 30–60 words. But then you can also add further information lower down the page, either in a generic content block or an FAQ section.


John said this about the practice putting endless SEO texts below a PLP:

    I’m not saying all of that text at the bottom of your page is bad, but maybe 90%, 95% of that text is unnecessary. But some amount of text is useful to have on a page so that we can understand what this page is about.

So it’s likely not helping. But is it harming? The answer is likely—yes.

    Our algorithms sometimes get confused when they have a list of products on top and essentially a giant article on the bottom when our algorithms have to figure out the intent of this page.

    John Mueller

Still not convinced about removing the content?





How to do a competitive analysis for local SEO

Here’s how to identify your top local competitors on search engines and determine what it will take to outrank them.





11 Ways to Improve E-commerce Category Pages for SEO


Create long-tail categories

Head to the Matching terms report.

In the second left sidebar that now appears, click “Parent Topics.” This will group keywords with similar search results into the highest volume keyword.

We’ve now discovered many long-tail variants of our “engagement rings” pages that we can create on our site.

By creating pages targeting these queries and better covering the topic area of “engagement rings,” we’ll rank better for broad queries within that topic.


This topic is undoubtedly a technical one—and one you’ll want to get right. So I recommend you read my guide so you don’t just prevent SEO issues with facets but take advantage of the benefits.



While adding further structured data should be a secondary focus, I tend to take the approach of leaving as little for Google to figure out as possible.

The two main additional things I’d consider adding are:

CollectionPage – This is a more specific type than the generic WebPage.

ItemList – It informs Google there is a list of items on the page.



You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned review or product markup. E-commerce stores often add this markup to category pages—and you shouldn’t.

For reviews, Google mentions explicitly in the technical guidelines not to add review markup if the main content is a category listing items.





Google Search Console reports may be impacted by review-type changes made in Google Search

You may see changes in your clicks and impressiohttps://searchengineland.com/google-search-console-reports-may-be-impacted-by-review-type-changes-made-in-google-search-387788n data within the performance and rich result reports.





Search Off the Record:
Non-HTML files on the web





Google releases September 2022 broad core update

This update will take about two weeks to complete and follows the helpful content update that completed last Friday.





Wix | SEO Webinar:

What Google Wants from Your Content

Learn from industry experts Lily Ray and Glenn Gabe as we dive into the data and dissect real examples of sites impacted by Google updates.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • What good content looks like to Google
  • How to strategically approach content
  • Recognize the right content for your business vertical




(Nur via TOR abrufbar, da ein (fehlerhafter) Country Redirect stattfindet.




12 WordPress site settings that are critical to your SEO success

Want to set up your WordPress site for better traffic and rankings? Make sure you’re following these site settings to improve your SEO.






If you search for a lighter on Amazon you’ll get 6,000 matches 😂



My friend’s brain 🤣



Learn German they said…



African Grey talking
Something to cheer you up on a Monday #parrotsoftiktok

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