Die interessantesten SEO-News und -Links der letzten Tage (KW7-2023)

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Hallo zusammen.

Hier wieder die interessantesten News der letzten Zeit :)

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The Future of B2B SEO Is Audience Development

Two important quotes:

  • “In order to win in today’s search landscape, companies need to evolve beyond executing SEO tactics in a silo and pretending as if the path to purchase is a simple linear clickstream from SEO article, to solutions page, to demo request, to closed-won account.”
  • “Clicks from search should primarily be viewed as an intro to a new audience member with a goal of earning their email, not earning a meeting on their calendar. The goal for SEO shouldn’t be to get them to buy right now, it should be to get them to follow along to the point where buying your product isn’t just a possibility, but the only path they consider taking.”




JavaScript rendering and indexing: Cautionary tales and how to avoid them

The results of a JavaScript rendering and indexing experiment highlight some challenges of running JS-dependent content.





CDN-Protections are like Interstitials

Gary Illyes – Analyst at Google

You know those interstitial pages some CDNs inject every now and then before serving your URLs? They’re supposed to check if the accessor is, by some definition, authorized to access that URL. Yeah, they’re one of the least search-friendly things you can do.
Here’s how it looks like when I try to render a page serviced by a CDN that offers such protection. Now imagine what happens if all pages on your site look like this after rendering.









Google on Alt Text SEO & Accessibility

à Bookmark!





Search Off the Record: Search Central docs and SEO

Find out if Google Search Central implements its SEO best practices and guidelines on its own website and documentation! Hosts John and Lizzi discuss SEO tools, sitemaps, hreflang links, robots.txt, click-through rates, and more. They cover what they’ve implemented, what they are thinking of updating, and what they are passing on. Hear all things link related, categorizing, and working with an external SEO agency during rebranding.





Referenzen / Case Study für SEO

Steigerung des organischen Traffics um 290%





Reputation Management par excellence… Da kann man echt noch was lernen:

Käse, Wein und Trillerpfeifen: Google-Manipulation aus Spaß und Profit mit Elon Musk und Boris Johnson








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