Die interessantesten SEO-News und -Links der letzten Tage (KW9-2023)

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Hallo zusammen.

Hier wieder die interessantesten News der letzten Zeit :)

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Keyword Mapping: A Practical Guide for the Curious

If you’re having trouble deciding whether a keyword should be targeted by a separate page or clustered with other keywords, you need to do keyword mapping. In this guide, Mateusz shows you two ways of doing it.





How to Build an SEO Roadmap in 7 Steps (Template Included)

Article by Jamie Grant

Make a copy of Jamie’s SEO roadmap template. Then follow along as you read the post to complete it.




Best Practices for Paywalls and SEO

Google does not have an inherent bias against paywalled content, provided the website lets Google know that its content is behind a paywall. But publishers do need to make sure their paywalled content can be seen by Google so that it can index some or all article content and apply relevant ranking factors.





Semrush: Ecommerce Keywords Analytics (Trial)

Want to see which keywords the biggest ecommerce players use to amplify their strategies?

With the Ecommerce Keywords Analytics app, get insights on ecommerce keywords from top retailers’ domains in no time.

It doesn’t stop there. Find ecommerce keywords that convert and evaluate product potential for a stellar product strategy.





Microsoft explains how Bing AI Chat uses ChatGPT and Search with Prometheus

Company reveals details about how its Prometheus AI model makes Bing Chat so fast, current and impressive.





XML-Sitemaps in Typo3 standardmäßig auf noindex

Das ist mir das erste Mal untergekommen:

Jedoch war es Absicht und wird direkt über die Core-Erweiterung gesetzt:


Hab ich noch nie so gesehen und aber auch ohne noindex bei den Sitemaps noch nie eine solche im Index angetroffen

Naja gut, dann ist das so – wieder was gelernt.




Google Doesn’t Care About AI Content. Here’s Why.

Google recently published new guidance about AI-generated content, saying it’s not against the company’s guidelines. It even encouraged content creators to use AI in some situations.

This seemed to come as a bit of a shock to some, but I think there are three reasons why it makes total sense.





16 Irresistible Popup Examples (& How to Copy Them!)

Wenn mehr Leads her müssen, aber das Formular nicht ansprechend ist…
Gute Beispiele dabei, wie es besser geht.









GA4 ‚auto-migration‘: Here’s why you should opt out







„When it’s 10X easier to fake it than to make it, fakes will always outnumber the truth. When it’s easy to generate content without writing it yourself, then 99% of content will be AI-generated. If 99% of content is AI-generated, then you’ll be better off assuming that 100% is AI-generated.
Then what happens when the internet becomes a never-ending firehose of malicious garbage? You’ll start logging off the internet and logging in to more curated, closed communities.“
— Jitha Thathachari


„Eine unendliche Vervielfältigung des Trivialen. “
— Richard (Lanz und Brecht Podcast)




Professor gegen KI! Kann ChatGPT meine Klausur lösen?





C’t 3003: Besser als ChatGPT! | Microsofts Bing-Chatbot im Test



Viele Grüße


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