Die interessantesten SEO-News und -Links der letzten Tage (KW20-2023)

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Hallo zusammen.

Hier wieder die interessantesten News der letzten Zeit :)

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SchemaZoo : Boost Your SEO with Powerful Structured Data Markup

Discover SchemaZoo, the ultimate tool for generating powerful structured data markup to boost your SEO. Improve your website’s search visibility and rankings with our easy-to-use JSON-LD code generator.


Etwas hakelige Bedienung, aber wenn es mal geklappt hat, cool 😊




ChatGPT fails: 13 common errors and mistakes you need to know

Learn ChatGPT’s limitations so you can establish guardrails for using the tool and leverage its benefits while avoiding the negatives.





Unclear extensions may cause image files to appear in Search Console’s „Crawled – currently not indexed“ report.

Image files may appear in the “Crawled – currently not indexed” report if a link looks like a webpage URL or the extension is unclear.





Google no longer recommends canonical tags for syndicated content

Instead, Google says block your syndicated content from being indexed.






Brauchbare, gute Grafik 😊

How to Get on the First Page of Google in 2023





Soothing words… 😉

The Future of SEO in a Post-ChatGPT World

Many people think SEO will change drastically with ChatGPT. But my opinion—as with Ryan’s—is that it’ll simply move in the same direction as it always has, except at a faster speed.





Bookmarken 😊

Google: Ohne gute Meta Descriptions sind gute Rankings nicht viel wert

John Müller von Google hat die Bedeutung guter Meta Descriptions für die Suche hervorgehoben.





Google will replace FID with INP as Core Web Vitals metric

Google Search Console will add Interaction to Next Paint in the Core Web Vitals report later this year so you can start seeing your scores.

Interaction to Next Paint (INP) will replace First Input Delay (FID) as a Core Web Vitals metric starting in March 2024, Google announced at Google I/O today.






F*ck Oatly

Oatly, the dairy-alternative company, made a website for its haters. Incredible brand play. (There’s a rabbit hole too.)






What ads look like in the new Google Search Generative Experience

Advertisers won’t be able to track how ads perform in the new Google while it’s experimental.

Search ads will continue to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page.





6 ways to use ChatGPT for Amazon marketing

Amazon sellers can use the AI chatbot for data collection and analysis to marketing and customer service. Learn more here.





Google UA historical data will be available until July 1, 2024

Turndown is also the same date for standard and 360 properties.

Google Analytics has finally put a date on the loss of historical data: For free customers, you will stop collecting data in Universal Analytics as of July 1, 2023.

But you will still have access to view and export all previous data until July 1, 2024.





Aktuelle Browser Statistiken (weltweit):

  1. Der Google-Browser erreicht rund 66 Prozent Marktanteil
  2. Apple-Browser Safari mit 11,9 Prozent
  3. Microsoft-Browser Edge (11,0 Prozent)
  4. Firefox (5,7 Prozent)
  5. Opera mit 3,1 Prozent
  6. Die letzten Überbleibsel des Internet Explorers mit 0,6 Prozent





Unscharfe Fotos sind Geschichte: Dieses Programm setzt neue Maßstäbe

Upscayl – Open Source Upscaler (Unscharfe Bilder adé – Kleine Bilder scharf upscalen / hochskalieren / größer rechnen)






Un-fass-bar… Ein ChatGPT Test eventuell?



Viele Grüße


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