Die interessantesten SEO-News und -Links der letzten Tage (KW26-2023)

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Hallo zusammen.

Hier wieder die interessantesten News der letzten Zeit :)

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Find out how much code is used (or not used) – unused JavaScript Code

Quickly find out how much code is being downloaded but not utilised.

Go to a page on your website.

In Chrome hit F12.

Press CTRL + SHIFT + P.

Type Coverage and click on show coverage.

In the coverage window, click the record button and you’ll see a list of resources.

In the search box type part of your domain name and hit enter.

On usage visualisation click on a URL of the JS/CSS resource and it will show you in the code preview what is and isn’t being used.




Google launches perspectives filter in mobile search results

Searchers can filter their search results to show results to see videos, blogs and forums. These results aim to show people a more “lived experience” to their search queries, Liz Reid, VP of Search at Google, told Search Engine Land at Google I/O. These searchers are able to see answers from people who are sharing their own personal perspectives and these answers are provided in a user interface that is more friendly and consumable to the younger searcher.





Is It OK to Remove 301 Redirects After a Year? We Tested It

In 2021, Google’s Gary Illyes said on Twitter that redirect signals consolidate permanently to the new location after one year. We tested it and found out that what he said seems to mostly hold true.





Google SGE now uses photos and reviews from Google Business Profile listings

Google has updated the Search Generative Experience to use Business Profile data for its AI-snapshots.





Screaming Frog:
What’s the difference between (internal) „other“ and „unknown“?

The filters are populated for a URL as follows:
HTML, Javascript, Image, CSS, PDF, Flash

The type of these files can be determined by the HTTP Content-Type header in the response.

However, if a file is blocked by robots.txt then we don’t request it, so have no reliable way of categorising it. It therefore goes in the Unknown Filter.

If the file is not blocked by robots, but has a content type not in the list above, it goes in the Other Filter.




How to use ChatGPT to generate product descriptions at scale

Here’s how you can scale the content creation process using ChatGPT, especially for ecommerce sites with plenty of products.


Inkl. cost-estimation und Pros und Cons 😊




Search Off the Record: Why is my site not indexed?


Martin, John, and Gary discuss the potential reasons why your website or page is not indexed, both from a technical and quality perspective. Learn about the tools and reports available in Google Search Console to help determine why your website is not indexed.

“Normalerweise sollte sie in Sekundenschnelle indexiert werden, und die externen Links tragen dazu bei. “

Ansonsten haben sie die üblichen technischen Verdächtigen wie Canonicals, hreflang, robots.txt nochmal erwähnt.




Wieso verändert sich die Anzahl der Top-100 Keywords?

Google nimmt derzeit Änderungen an Gestaltung und Umfang der angezeigten Suchergebnisse vor. Wir gehen davon aus, dass Google sich damit auf die AI-Neuerungen gegen Ende des Jahres oder Anfang kommenden Jahres vorbereitet. Diese Änderungen haben teilweise Auswirkungen darauf, wie SISTRIX Suchergebnisse misst.






SUNSET | GA4 Parody Trailer (Google Analytics 4)
Sunset is coming. Beware.



Who knew ancient horses‘ rears would be so important?



Viele Grüße


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