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Imprint or no imprimt?
The obligation for
"information provider identification"
(§6 TDG/§10 MDStV)

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grey dotII. Who has to do it?
The obligation for "information provider identification" meets all offerers of "commercial teleservices", as described in § 6 sentence 1 TDG.
The situation for private homepage operators is additionally made more difficult by the opinion, represented in other connections of the iurisdiction, according to which switching individual advertising banners is already sufficient enough to justify a "trade-action".

Well, I don't have any advertising banners and I do not trade with any goods on my hompage. All for free around here!
So it would be unsuccessful, to admonish me (Look here: Telekom-Dissuasion (german only)).

You can obtain further imprint-information (german):


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